Venus Retrograde Gives You Magic When You’re Emotions are Clear!

Venus – is called the Dual Goddess because she is Phosphorus and Hesperus, the Morning and Evening Star.

From Galactic Clyde

She has a superior conjunction (direct) and an inferior conjunction (retrograde) in the heavens. Like Mercury, Venus is never far from the Sun, she reaches a distance of 48 degrees away – at the farthest point from the sun.

Venus rules the social order/system – that which we value and love; she rules over all relationships; and also the British pound, which symbol in Roman is L – representing the astrological sign Libra.

Venus has a transit or magical dance with the sun every 225 days, when she dances either in front, or behind, the Sun. This is a “dance cycle”, because it sets up the magical 5 Pointed Star over an 8 year period. Now, the dance that Venus performs in front of the sun is different to the dance she performs behind the sun. So imagine dancing with an beautiful or handsome partner, who is shining like the Sun. This dance has to be pretty good alongside the partner who is shining like the Sun. And as the dance makes its way behind the Sun it needs extra power to make it a balanced match! Hopefully you get the picture.

The strongest part of this dance is when Venus and the Sun are joined together. This happens twice, and each one is a transit – some astrologers call it a Venus conjunction, or the conjunction of Venus and the Sun. One of the times is the inferior conjunction/transit and the other is called the superior conjunction/transit.

The inferior conjunction is Venus meeting the Sun as she moves backwards (retrograde); the superior conjunction is Venus coming forward (direct) from behind to be in front of the Sun. Each time they meet it’s a different dance!

Today 4th March 2017 Venus has entered into the inferior conjunction/transit; to meet the Sun in its backwards movement. A likely effect of this is that the social “dance” in society will be changing from this date on. And here’s why:

Venus represents the things we value and love. She represents relationships, our friendships, our lovers, business relations; all the “ships that we relate to; both love and hate. When Venus is retrograde, things that are hidden in these arenas come to light. This means that the energies like back peddling; dancing away from the music; being wobbly or shaky are common choices from energies being in a state of heightened negative emotional charge.

 In reality, energies are supposed to be in a state of positive emotional charge, supporting our tuning and being in-line with what it actually signifies which is…that its time to change the beat!  And that’s it! That magic is in the air! And remember – the magic maybe good or bad, depending on many factors – particularly the personal behaviours we exhibit with all their positive or negative emotional charges!



Loop of Venus 8 Year Cycle that Creates the 5 Pointed Star

These behaviours have physical implications – e.g. Cancer has the negative emotional charge of Resentment, with sub-headings of Hurt – Used/Abused/ Confused – Unappreciated – Offended. The energy of these negatively charged behaviours keeps cancer alive!

Cancer is a state where our body reads the issue and activates it’s the destructive ability.

So when our thoughts, foods, and feelings have become destructive, cancer cells awaken to the process of demolishing the temple of self. That’s their job! To stop them we have to use a cure that reverses the process; i.e. removes that which keeps cancer alive, and ends the road to annihilating our personal sanctuary – our body.

Beyond researching cancer forever or dumbing it with chemo; they way is to clear and nourish the holistic body into health. This helps to create spontaneous remission when carried out correctly. Holistic nutrition and Spiritual cleansing are keys to all remissions.


At this key and important time, we have set the stage with Movement of the Spheres Galactic Ceremony, Walking the Labyrinth , Auntie Jeans Culture Market, and the Glastonbury Tour. These activities enable us to participate in this magical frequency to ensure our highest values are exemplified under the power of the Sun, on the very First Morning of the Year!

At Movement of the Spheres, Galactic Clyde is speaking on the Venus Transit, the 5 Pointed Star, and the Spring Equinox of 2017.

Unity is strength and when we are strong our youth are safe.

African proverb: “the children of the poor wander in the streets”.



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