From the Darkest Night – the Brightest Light is Born

Ra the Sun of the morning. Ra the Sun of the dawning.
Ra the light of of consciousness.
The night of the Winter Solstice is the darkest night in the yearly cycle of the sun.
All the spirits of darkness are at play.
Death is in the air,  death is every where, for winter is death, the death of the sun, the death of mother nature, the nature of the earth.
Lets us look to the heavens for light, for understanding, for knowledge, and  wisdom.
The Sun is reborn on this point, to give us light, love, and beauty.
By the powers of celestial realms the cosmic lion is reborn.
Let all the inhabitants of the earth rejoice and give praises.
It is the season where death is over come by life.
As the Sun is reborn it gives rebirth to the earth, and we call it spring.
Our out-stretched arms and head represent the Sun over the equator or the spring equinox.
We are also the Sun reborn to fulfill our life purpose, whatever it may be.
Our knees and the skeletal body represent the winter solstice – the ability to be structure, and to be stable, and to be connected to our ancestral lines.

The winter solstice 2016 begins on Wednesday 21st of December @11:35 am – just before midday. It is the second Uachet or the left eye of Ra.

By Galactic Clyde


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