Is Your Solar Plexus Excessive or is it Blocked?

The Solar Plexus Chakra, located between the navel and solar plexus, is the core of our personality, our identity, of our ego. This is the third chakra and the center of willpower; it is all about the perception of who you are. In anatomy it is called the celiac plexus or coeliac plexus because of its radiating and complex network of nerves located in the abdomen, behind the stomach, and in front of the diaphragm.

A blow to the stomach causes the diaphragm to spasm, resulting in difficulty in breathing – a sensation commonly known as “getting the wind knocked out of you”. It interferes with the functioning of the stomach, intestine, heart and urinary bladder, as well as causing great pain overall.

Youth deaths, loss of buildings, death of family members, loss of employment, un-achieved goals, weather devastations, general bad news, relationship failures, and so on can knock the wind out of you/us. When has this happened to us/you in the last 9 years? And beyond?

The gift of the solar plexus chakra is sensing your personal power, being confident, responsible, and reliable. It is the center of your self-esteem, your willpower, self-discipline, as well as warmth in your personality. The energy of this chakra allows you to transform inertia into action and movement. It allows you to meet challenges and move forward in your life.

How fit nand free is your/our confidence,  self-esteem, responsibility, reliability, willpower, and self-discipline? This great energy – have we/you lost it? Is it being syphoned off? Is it leaking? Does it seep away when the wind gets knocked out of us/you?

The main challenge for the third chakra is to use your personal power in a balanced manner. It means consciously harnessing the energy of the solar plexus chakra. It means being proactive rather then reactive or inactive.

Beings with excessive third chakra energy react to life circumstances, they have emotional outbursts and are often stressed out.

Beings with blocked or deficient third chakra are passive and inactive – allowing life to pass by while they do nothing.

Is Your/Our Power to Choose Truly Free?

Strong third chakra reflects the ability to move forward in life with confidence and power. It reflects the ability to make conscious choices to choose and to act.

The message of the third chakra is: You have the power to choose.

Are you ready to choose to achieve your/our life purpose, or you do you still want to live according to your/our past experiences?

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