What is Ceremony of the Spheres?

When we talk about holistic we say mind, body, and spirit, we also add emotions, and behaviours. By doing this we are saying that our entire self is involved in whatever it is we are referring to. And what we are actually describing is the energy factor of these parts of our self. This energy can be free or it can be blocked. How we respond to an experience is how we direct our energy into a way of behaving. This behaviour then becomes our way of doing something, which then becomes how we essentially end up doing everything.

So, imagine the experiences of the enslavement era and the choices our ancestors made, that invariably meant taking on a foreign value “system” as a means of survival, that still has not changed up to today.  So from this example we have discordant energies that as descendants we carry to a large or small extent. Come forward nearly 600 years and so-called key changes leading to so-called equality that is manifest mainly in our role as consumers. What in our own lifetime, or the last 9 years, or just this year has shown itself to be not good/useful/painful/repetitive/disjointed/stuck/head against wall/same old – again?

Ceremony of the Spheres is offering to clear conflicting and blocked energies at a time in the year that is cosmically designed for clearing:

  • The numbers of 2016 add up to a 9 which means Completion. This is where we have to use our strength and fortitude, to close off what does not serve us anymore. To use our mettle and guts to determine what is good enough to take into the new year cycle. 2017 adds up to a 1 – Beginning.
  • The Galactic Centre is the point when our galaxy is rotating in the constellation Sagittarius, the centaur – half human and half horse, the archer with bow and arrow. Representing the bridge between Earth and Heaven, with traits that include independence, freedom, and selfless friendship.

So this year’s cycle point, and the cosmic activity, gives us space and scope to be identifying and removing the negative and toxic forces out of our individual self, and our personal family. We have to do this at Afric/kan/Black community level too. Remember the Ten Things Rendering Britain’s Black Community Weak by Nels Abbey in The Voice?

  1. Lack of businesses
  2. Lack of leadership
  3. Lack of recognized intellectual base and forum
  4. Overemphasis on religion
  5. Over-reliance on mainstream black politicians
  6. Lack of a well-funded black political lobby
  7. Over-reliance on mainly conservative mainstream media
  8. Popular Culture
  9. Lack of self-belief
  10. Individualism

And UKIP’s Winston McKenzie’s “The issue for black people is that Britain doesn’t need us anymore – all heads are turned to Europe. We don’t feel loved by the UK. Our parents came and worked so hard for the NHS. They took the best of our parents. It’s as though Britain no longer needs black people. It’s as though Britain no longer needs the Commonwealth“. This statement raises a wealth of issues about our psyche.

So what are we preparing for in 2017? More of the same? More youths in prison? Pan-Afrikanism still preaching to the converted? Power struggles and personality clashes grinding organisations to halt? Another cycle of paying non community places for using their space? And the list goes on…Let’s clear the contamination, and create what we want for ourselves and our community. We are a community whether we like it or not; whether others see us in that way or not, whether it’s working or not. Let’s be ready to make the differences you and we want and need for Y/OURSelf, Y/OUR family, and Y/OUR community.

Book Your Ticket Here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ceremony-of-the-spheres-2016-galactic-in-tune-ment-tickets-29581172082


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